Make God shiva Happy

How to Make Lord Shiva Happy and Do Puja (worship) ?


-: God shiva most favourite leaves and flowers.  Click here to read details. 

-: God shiva Mantra ,stotra,stuti. Click here to Read details.

-:  Some of the important articles on God shiva (mahadev) . Click here to Read details .

-:  God shiva most favourite seed and Necklace (mala/rossary). We must wear or can worship Rudraksha seed ,Rudraksh mala. Click here to read all details .

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 ———— Dev Adi Dev Mahadev —- God Shiva ——-

The favourite day of lord shiva is Monday. In Monday Lord shiva is worship along with mother Parvati.  This is  the suitable Day to do various Puja(worship) of God shiva in home and temples. This day  is suitable to carry out any things related to lord shiva. We can do lord shiva special worship in monday and in other day we can do pooja normally which we do normally daily.

Lord Shiva is Supreme God of Whole Universe (Brahmanda). Lord shiva is pioneer god among many hindu god/goddess. The Lord Shiva is also also known as Supreme Hindu Trinity. The Hindu Trinity Meaning is Three main God Of  Hindu Religion. The Three God names are God Brahma,God Vishnu and God Maheshwar(lord shiva).  Religious script mention it that we should not distinguish these three god.  All God worship God shiva so he is known as Maha Dev . Maha meaning is great and dev means devta (god).

Picture of God shiva with his vehicle Bull (nandi maharaj)


God shiva is Worshipped in Mainly Two Form. The First form is Worshipping in Form of Shivalinga and another Form is Murti/statue Form.

Picture of Rameshwaram – King of ayodhya “Sri Ram” worship shiva lingam,famous as Rameshwaram mahadev.


To Please and  Make Happy Lord Shiva We should Follow Rules.Here are Some Basic Rules which we should do daily.


1- We must go our nearest temple of lord shiva every day. If we get suitable time we must visit our nearest temple .We should not feel lazy to go temple. We should visit  when we get suitable times.

2- We must Go our house Prayer Temple (Pooja room)  Daily. This is most important to all cast people,Bhaktas. This is rule of our santhan dharma to do puja daily everyday to our main god.  This gives pleasure to all god and goddess.

3)- When we go our prayer temple (pooja room) of our home daily. We must light the Oil lamp (Diya).  We must have bell (ghanti).  We must also have incense (dhup). This is the most necessary things. It is also better if we can arrange some little amount of flowers and some fruits like banana everyday. Main thing is we must be present in our puja room (prayer temple) of our house everyday two time. The morning and evening time. We must light oil lamp (diya) daily. After oil lamp is offered first to all god. There is presence of god agni(fire) and mother laxmi as well as all god/goddess in our home. After oil lamp we must offer incense (dhoop) and start praying with incense by taking specific god name along with bell (ghanti). This is important.

4) Many bhakta(devotee) read shiva bhajan book by staying in their house puja room (prayer room). If we have shiva puran book,shiva chalisa books,shiva sahasranam book we must read every day 1 chapter (or page). This is also important.

5 ) While doing worship (pooja) in our house with bell,incense etc . We must recite shiva mantra (praisable hymn of shiva). We can also do shiva mantra seperately by closing our eyes. This is also known as shiva jap. It is very important. It is better if we have mala(garland) to do mantra.


Some of the shiva mantra are given below.

A  - “Om nama shivaya (ओम नम शिवाय)” – The Given mantra is Main or मूल mantra of lord shiva. We should chant ‘Om nama shivaya’ not only while worshipping but We should have habit of chanting this mantra every Day 108 time From Jap Rudraksha Mala. We can do few minutes meditation. It is great mantra described in all hindu scriptures. Mother parvati also pleases god shiva with this mantra. All God/Goddess make happy with this mantra. Click here to read more about Shiva Mantra.


B – mahamirtunjaya mantra (महामिर्तुन्जय  मन्त्र) -

About the Mahamirtunjaya mantra,This Mantra is also known as God shiva most powerful mantra. This mantra is also known as Mantra to attain long life,happiness and to please god shiva easily .This mantra name is ‘Maha mirtunjaya mantra or Mahamirtunajaya shiva mantra’ which is described with full meaning in major god shiva script,epics in sanksrit language like shiva puran. In one view This mantra is known as Maha+mirtunjaya where maha meaning is Great, Mirtunjaya (our protecter ). We will get long life,prosperity and sucess easily when we take this maha mantra of shiva . This mantra can be seen just below. We can also search in youtube and google for maha mirtunjaya mantra. Which can be found.

In Hindu Sanskrit -ॐ त्र्यम्बकम् यजामहे सुगन्धिम् पुष्टिवर्धनम् // उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात् ।।

In English – “Om Trayambakam Yajamahe

Sugan dhim Pusti Bardhanam

Urbarukmiwa Bandhanan Mrityor Muchiiya Marmitat”

Click here to read more about Shiva Mantra.


C – If any one want to read lord shiva book in home or temple,Some Holy Book and Stotra Book of Lord Shiva are as Shivapuran,Shiva chalisa,Shiva bhajan book. We should have habit of Reading 1 chapter daily this book in Prayer room(puja room). The holy songs (bhajan mandali) is also found.  Click here to read more about Shiva Mantra.

3 – So We should recite Various name of Lord shiva in worship of lord shiva and while offering flowers,incense. Some of the name of lord shiva are Om Maheshwar,Om mahadev,Om shankar,Om pashupatinath,Om Kailash pati,Om uma maheshwar,Om Gaurishankar etc. Lord shiva have more than 100 names in his different form. Lord shiva once took Poison to preserve heavenly god from demon so his name is also known as “Nilkantha”. One who is blue in appearance. Lord shiva is worshipped by even god ram. So shivalinga in rameshwaram itself is known as “Rameshwaram” (where lord shiva is worshipped by lord ram).


 ————– Lord Shiva Basic Abhishek———————

Any one can perform basic snan (holy bath) or abhishekam to lord shiva in home. We should even offer pure water or milk to lord shiva in home.  The Meaning of Abhishek is Snan or Holy Bath to Lord Shiva. There are many abhishek. Some of the important Abhishek to lord shiva are RudraAbhishek. Rudrabhishek is tough and known to only shiv pujari (priest).

So any devotees who want to perform basic abhishek daily in prayer room of house One can snan or perform abhishek with Holy water abhishekam or Panchamrit Abhishekam daily. The simple rules of Abhishekam are mention below. The favourite leaves of lord shiva is belpatra. We should offer few belpatra leaves while worshipping or doing holy bath to shivalingam.

1 – About Holy water Abhishek – One can please and make lord shiva happy by offering and doing holy bath to lord shiva by Holy water of different holy river Like Ganga River,Bagmati river water etc Daily or If possible. One can please lord shiva easily if shiva snan is done from Holy water. Drinking One drops of shiva snan or bath holy water of Lord shiva attain freedom from all sin.One will get enternal blessing of lord shiva.

We should offer Pure water or Pure milk and Bel patram(Bel leaves) Daily if we are unable to get holy water daily.In this case we should bath shivaji from holy water in suitable times at the time of possible to bring holy water from different pilgrimage River like Bagmati river nepal,Ganga river India etc..

2 – About Panchamrit snan(panchamrit bath) – The meaning of Panchamrit is 5 nectar combination to please lord shiva. The Holy bath to lord shiva from 5 nectar is Known as Lord shiva Holy panchamrit bath or Panchamrit snan.

The Five nectar substances are  Sugar,Curd,Honey,milk and Ghee.


Rules to do while Going to Prayer Room.

1 – We should clean our prayer or worship room before sitting in Asan or before taking place to pray.

2- We should Throw old flower of worship room. We should offer new flower every time or must offer flower to  lord shiva which is not offered in previous worship.About throwing old flower we should keep all old flower in Plastic bag and must leave that plastic in holy river near the home.Any way we should leave that plastic bag in pure place Like holy river,garbage of temple etc..

Click here to read more about Shiva Mantra.


Favourite of Lord Shiva

- The Favourite Flower and leaves of Lord shiva – Bel patra leaves(bel leaves), Rudraksha leaves,Syoula leaves, Thumba Poo flower,Dhatoora flower and leaves,Pookalam flowers. To More Details About shiva Belpatra leaves Jump here. Also view other shivaji favourite leaves,flowers religious details info at just below of this paragraph which is included at abhishekam informations.

- Favourite Seeds of Lord shiva is Rudraksha seeds. Rudraksha seeds is used for making mala to recite Shiva mantra,stotra,jap,dhyan etc.

- Favourite day of Lord shiva is Monday. Some devotee worship 3 day per week ritually. The three day are Monday,Thursday and Saturday. So but the main day is Monday only.

- Main Festival worship for lord shiva every month,every year are every ekadashi,every purnima,every aausi(Amavasya),Shivaratri festival,Whole shravan month and every shravan monday,Teej festival,Mahashivaratri etc..



More About Shiva Abhishek.

SHIVA Abhishekam is usually performed to a Lingam representing his manifestation as a creator of good (by destroying evil).
In many temples, one finds a vessel hung over the Lingam called thaara paathra, that continuously drips water or other offerings onto the Lingam in deference to Shiva’s desire for Abhisheka.

Some of the common items used for Shiva Abhisheka are
1. Curd
2. Milk
3. Honey
4. Tender Coconut water
5. Vibhuti (holy ash)
6. Panchamruta (Curd based delicacy consisting of Panch(5) items: Milk, Sugar, Ghee (clarified butter), Honey, curd)
7. Bananas
8. Sandalwood Paste
9. Ghee (Clarified butter)
10. Haldi
11. Bael leaves
BAEL leaves(vital importance): While selecting BAEL leaves make sure the Chakra and the Bajra should not be there. The Chakra is a white mark made by the insects on the BAEL leaves, while the Bajra is the thick portion towards the stalk.The BAEL leaves used in pooja should be of 3 leaflets even if one of the leaves gets detached of three leaves then it is of no use.
12. Flowers
AAKAMDA Flowers,DHATURA Flowers,BLUE LOTUS(or Pink Lotus/White Lotus)Flowers are auspicious.

8 Flowers That Please Lord Shiva :-
1. Ahimsa prathamam pushpam Non-violence is the First Flower
2. Pushpam Indriya Nigraham Control of the senses is the Second Flower
3. Sarva Bhootha Daya Pushpam Being Kind towards all the living beings is the Third Flower
4. Kshama Pushpam Visheshataha Forgiving is the real special Flower – the Fourth Offering
5. Shanthi Pushpam Peace is the Fifth Flower
6. Tapah Pushpam Penance is the Sixth Flower
7. Dhyanah Pushpam Meditation is the Seventh Flower
8. Sathyam Ashta Vidha Pushpam Truth is the Eighth Flower

Milk, curd or Panchamrit should never be poured in utensil made of Bronze, as this is equal to wine
Fingers should not be put in water, milk and ghee etc, because the touching of nails makes these things inauspicious.

Since Shiva is said to wear Nageshwara (Snake God) as an ornament around his neck, it is said that the fragrance of Aloe (which attracts snakes) is also a very holy item to be used for the worship of Shiva.

In contrast, it said that Lord Vishnu is Alankara Priyar (Desirous of ornamentation). Hence Vishnu Sthalas (places of worship of Lord Vishnu) have elaborately carved idols of Lord Vishnu with the alankaram (decoration ceremony) post the abhishekam, being a very elaborate ritual.
In any discussion of Hinduism, it is important to remember that these rituals are an off shoot of the interpretation of Vedas, the holy text of Hindus. These texts by themselves do not outline the deities or rituals for their worship thereof.


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