Lord Vishnu Sudarshan Chakra

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Sudarshan Chakra – Lord Vishnu

The Sudarshan or Sudarshan chakra is one of the weapons or Object of Victory carried by Lord Vishnu in One of the right hand in total four hand whereas other 3 holy object of lord Vishnu in other 3 hands is Shankh,Gada and Padma(Conch,Mace and Lotus). The Script mention sometime Sudarshana as Lord vishnu himself too. The Sudarshan shaligram is worshipped in home,temples to please lord vishnu.Sudarshan chakra is Round circles in natures who have marks from the top to bottom in shaligram.The Form of Lord vishnu with four hand with shankh,chakra,gadha and padma is also known as Satya Narayana,the full form of lord vishnu.

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