Lumbini Tours package in Nepal

Lord buddha birth home “Lumbini dham” OR “Holy place Lumbini” is situated in Pachimanchal region (Western region) of Nepal . Visiting for worship ,praying and staying for few days in lumbini is not so problem. Because the world heritage site lumbini in nepal have most quality hotels and living place. We can get all cousine foods, Continental ,chines,indian …

Those who are in Kathmandu can go by flight or bus within 1 days .It takes 1 days by bus and 20 minutes by flight.The flight charge can be 4000 – 5000 Nepalese currency (NC) / Rs.

Those who are outside Nepal can enter also by two ways.Indian,Tibetan and chinese Visitors can enter nepal by two means who are Airways and Roadways.Except india ,China and tibet other any country Like Japan,indonesia,thailand,USA ,Uk etc countries visitors must enter by airways.One can come by airways whose landing point will be kathmandu airport,Kathmandu is capital city of nepal. From kathmandu one can join bus or flight directly to Lumbini.

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