Char Narayan temple,Nepal

काठमाडौँ,नेपाल (चार नारायण मन्दिर ).

The journey of famous four narayan  temples take place every year. This four temples is situated in different direction and places. In single day doing darshan and worshipping all 4 famous temple of  God Narayan(vishnu) complete this yatra(journey). This 1 day to worship all four narayan temple comes every year one time.

Four narayan temple is situated in kathmandu,nepal in different place. The Char narayan temple is situated in Bhaktapur, Swaymbhu,pharping godwari and lalitpur. In this four temples there will be lots of crowd. We should do worship all four temple in single day. It takes sometime even more than 8 hours. It is said by our ancestor ,In their time they used to complete this journey by walk in 2-3 days because there was no vehicle facility. Now there is vehicles facility so people complete within few hours or in day in bus,motor bike etc.

The four narayan temple names are
1 – Changu narayan temple – Bhaktapur kathmandu
2 – Ichangu narayan temple – Swayambhu ,ichangu
3 – Sesh narayan temple – Pharping,near to godawari or dakshinkali.
4 – Bishankhu Narayan temple – Lalitpur.

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