Shivaratri festival 2018 – महा शिवरात्रि

2018  Shivaratri Festival Date  “2019 March 4 , Tuesday”

Hindu B.S Calandar –   ” B.S  2075  Falgun 20 monday सोमबार फाल्गुन  २०   गते    २०७५ 


shivaratri pashupatinath

The Night of God Shiva – Shivaratri Festival

- ShivaRatri which is famous ,biggest and renowned festival to every Hindus. The Meaning of ‘Shivaratri’ comes from two words which are Shiva+Ratri.  Word shiva is combined with Ratri. The Sanskrit words “Ratri” Meaning is Night. So Shivaratri is also known as greatest night of lord shiva. In this day it is also said that anyone who remember lord shiva ,worship or take fast for lord shiva in night time attain lots of boon from lord shiva.

The temples of pashupatinath in kathmandu,nepal is Sorrounded and will be occupied by Different devotees ,yogis,Sadhus,Nagas baba before 4-5 days of Shivaratri festival from around india and west. Before 4- 5 days Sadhus baba (saint) cook their own food in fire, They fire dhooni (wood fire/holy fire) and keep chanting mantra,jap,awaken whole night.

In Shivaratri day ,the temple of pashupatinath in kathmandu will be opened at 12 o clock night. Whereas in other normal day it is always opened at 5 or 6 am morning. In shivaratri day the Special bhog and puja(worship) is done to lord pashupatinath by all 4 priest(mul pujari) of pashupatinath.

In Eve of shivaratri ,the local people of pashupatinath also fire a big wooden fire outside premises of pashupatinath. The firing or (dhooni) in eve of shivaratri is also believed that lord shiva washes all sin and provide good health,prosperity if some one warm  fire (dhooni).


Story related to shivaratri

There are many story found related to shivaratri. The Story related from shiva purana About Why did Lord Shiva decide to reside in Kailasha? And what is the connection with Sivarathri? 

Story goes like this, Once when Lord Brahma explained this to the sage Narada. A Brahmana named Yogadutta, an expert in performing Soma Yajna, had a son Gunanidhi a Scholar but got attracted to evil ways like gambling. Yogadutta became angry and abandoned Gunanidhi and even his wife. Having become highly remorseful, Gunanidhi left his home and on one night reached a temple where Siva’s devotees were observing the ‘Sivaratri’ fast and heard the Stories of Siva’s greatness and hymns.

But being hungry he sought to steal some fruits and light up a lamp which was almost dim by tearing his cloth and re-lighting it. But the devotees caught him, mistook him as a thief, thrashed him up and he died. The ‘Yamabhatas’ or the followers of Lord Yama arrived and planned to take away the soul of Gunanidhi; but Sivaganas were happy with Gunanidhi and took him to Sivaloka instead since he spent ‘Sivaratri’ fasting in a Siva temple, observed the whole night hearing Siva’s stories and hymns and even lit up a lamp with his own cloth piece as a vick.

In the next birth, Gunanidhi became a King of Kalinga as Dama and a staunch devotee of Siva, ordered his subjects to observe Siva Pujas and Sivaratri fasts compulsory and thus got endeared by Bhagavan. In the subsequent birth Gunanidhi – Dama became Kubera as the King of Alkapuri. During the next Kalpa named ‘Meghavahan’, the same Gunanidhi of the previous births, became the King of Alkapuri as Vishravan, the grandson of Sage Pulastya-Brahma’s manasa putra and as an unparalleled Devotee of Bhagavan Siva did penance for lakhs of years.

Bhagavan Siva and Bhagavati Uma were pleased and appeared before Gunanidhi – Kubera – Vishravan but the radiance of their appearance blinded him and when he regained the yogic sight the devotee became instantly so possessive of Bhagavan that even Uma should not be so near to Bhagavan! Immensely pleased, Bhagavan decided to shift His residence to Kailash Mountain which was nearby Alkapuri and ordered Visvakarma to build His permanent residence there.

Hara Hara Mahadeva


How to reach kathmandu,Nepal

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