Kali Ma (mother durga).

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Kali Mata is also known as main hindu goddess or mother goddess of Hinduism. She is even known as Maha Kali meaning the Great Kali. Kali Ma is also known as Creator,Preserver of entire world. And finally she is also reason of our birth and death. Kali mata(durga mata) have her nine different form. Navadurga or Navaratri festival is very great festival which comes every year. In this nine days mother durga nine form is worshiped. Each goddess is worshiped in respective day in nine each days.

Kal sarpa dosh – In astrology,when people have kal sarp Yog in their birth chart then those people who have Kal sarp yog should worship mother Kali (7th form of durga). Worshipping mother kali who have kal sarp yoga provide happiness,wealth again back in life. These People attain peace and happiness whole life. And Negative energy of kal sarp yog canot touch these people if someone who worship mother Kali (durga). Kal sarp yog remain whole life if someone who have these in their Birth chart. Some kal sarp is very good and some is Bad. So one should worship mother Kali to get freedom with troubles from Kal sarp yog. To make mother durga happy(kali) we should do special worship in  Navaratri festival which comes every year. In These festival nine different form of durga(kali) is worshipped in total nine days. Specially to those person who have kal sarp yog in their birth chart should worship every day mother kali(durga) while going to Pooja room. While going any temples if there is any kali murti  around temple we should also worship mother kali (durga).

According to religious script, when there was nor day or night (sun and moon),nor there was any god,person or any creation. Kali mata created a god (god who without any thought). God created by kali ma created brahma,vishnu,maheshwor. Kali mata  thought to do creation of world ie,brahma the creator,vishnu the preserver,and Mahesh (destroyer of illusion).

Lord brahma created entire universe. We all belong to lord brahma. Lord vishnu preserve entire universe. And lord shiva destroy all evil,illusion of people.So that to establish discipline,religions.

Kali ma is also known as Mother durga. Mother Durga have her nine form . The nine form of durga is mention below.

1 – Shailapurti

2 – Brahma charini.

3 – Chandra ghanta

4 – Kushmanda

5 – Skanda mata

6 – Kathyayini

7 – Kalratri(mother kali)

8 – Maha gauri

9 – Siddhi Ratri

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Kali Pooja

Kali Pooja is done in different Ways. We can do it in Our Home as well as in any kali temples. Kali Pooja is done by various ways. Normal or Simple  kali pooja Can be done in home  as it is similar likewise of other hindu god and goddess worship in home daily in Pooja Room.. We should remember mother kali in Home ,Offers incense,Dhup,Fruits ,Light(diya) etc. If we have any kali mata book ,Reading one page daily in Pooja room can be done.

Special pooja of kali mata is done in Temples or Home. It is done in Special date and time. This date is recommended by Priest or astrologer too. Special date is also known as “Murhut”. This date is special and best time to worship mother kali.

We need Priest  or Guru to do special kali pooja. Special pooja takes 4-5 hours or sometime even more than it. In Special Kali Pooja kali mata is worship with all thing recommended by Priest or Guru.  Special chanting,Jap,Mantra is done to mother kali in special Pooja. kali Chandi Padth,Special durga Jap,yagna,homa,Maha mantra etc takes place place in special pooja. It is done according to priest or guru whatever they do.

Kali Ma Mantra Book and Mantras.

Book names - 

1 – Durga Mantra

2 – Kali chalisa

3 – Navadurga Stotram

4 – Durga chalisa

5 – We can buy Any kali mata mantra books,Padh and jap books,Durga book (recommened  or which is available in markets.)


1 – Sarva Shakti Maha Maya Divya Gyana Swarup Pini Nava Durge Jagat matram prana mami Muhur Muhu.


3 – Kali bhajan – click here to listen

4 – Kali mantra – Click here  to listen (also search other mantra in this link after click).


Jay Ma Kali. Jay MA Durga

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