Subh Labh (Worship of Sri Ganesh,Mother Laxmi and Saraswati Together)

Sri ganesh,Mother laxmi and Mother Saraswati is worshipped together. As well as in laxmi puja (deepawali) ganesh laxmi saraswati is worshipped together in all hindu house . We will write subha labh while worshipping ganesh laxmi saraswati together. Subha meaning good Luck and Labh meaning the benefits. Good luck and benefits.

Sri ganesh is well known as symbol of good luck,Good luck of good begining. He is well known as Remover of obstacles and troubles. He have large ears. A Wise person hears all. We will be sucess with grace of god ganesh easily if we are planing to begin our new work. Before starting good work we must worship Lord ganesh. For example,while buying house,while buying something,while traveling long  journey we should worship god ganesh first after it only we must start this good work .

Hindu worship sri ganesh before starting something new thing. It is believed that when we worship ganesh first the work will be good and sucess. There will no trouble arrise in work. Rather then other god and goddess,  first we should worship ganesh before starting new things or work. Other god and goddess worship can be done after completing  ganesh pooja(worship).

In many Hindu  temple like vishnu temple,shiva temple,Devi temple,Bhairav Temple. There is statue and temple of   god ganesh before entering temple dedicated to other god/goddess. Because God ganesh should be worshipped first before worshipping other god. Even while worshipping other Hindu God and Goddess ganesh is worship first so he is known as great god of hinduism. Ganesh and his brother kartikeya kumar is son of God shiva and mother Parvati.

The story about why god  ganesha is Worshipped first is related to God shiva and Parvati. One day when god shiva order his two son to round all universe and Earth 7 times . Among you too if any one become first. I will provide Boon to You. After it they move to round all universe from god shiva parvati and ganesh kumar home “Kailash Parbat”. So likewise Ganesha was very fat and his Vehicle Mouse was very small. So instead of rounding universe he came back and he rounded 7 time to his father and mother (shiv parvati). Ganesh told to shiva parvati that you are only everything to me. You are only Earth. You are only Universe. You are only my god .  So ganesh got boon from lord shiva that you will be worshipped First by every world before doing Something. Anyone  worship and Work  Before your worship is never fullfilled.  God of God shiva Boon to ganesh that you will be worship even by All God/Goddess first not only universe. So after few time god kumar came After rounding 7 time universe. So he also god similar boon as  ganesh from god shiva. So ganesh and his brother kumar is worshipped first before doing other god/goddess worship. We should remember ganesh kumar before doing somthing good and any Good work (karma)..

Ganesh is also sometime known as Riddhi siddhi and asta binayak. He is also known as Ganesha. He is symbol of happiness,prosperity and honor. He can be seen with his vahana (vehicle) Mouse. Riddhi and siddhi is two wife of ganesha.  Ganesh is also known as Riddhi siddhi ganesh meaning the ” Symbol of happiness,bestower of wealth, Symbol of sucess”.

Mother Laxmi is mother of wealth. Where as mother saraswati is Symbol of Education and Knowledge. We can gain lot of wealth from mother laxmi.  The education will be  good and we will get more  ability in concentration in knowledge with help of mother saraswati.
The three necesity “Always happiness,wealth and education” also symbolize mother saraswati ganesh and mother laxmi . We should worship ganesh laxmi saraswati  together daily to get benefits.  More grace depends upon Guru ganesh,laxmi and saraswati mata.

Hindu worship ganesh laxmi and mother saraswati together. They are emblem together in one picture.