Story of bagmati river

Bagamti river of Pashupatinath temple,kathmandu,nepal


About Bagmati River - Holy River Bagmati,Shiva Ganges is Situated in Nepal,Pashupatinath Temple.The River Comes From Baghdwar near sundari mai temple Kathmandu.Every year in Chadh festival,Janai purnima,Maha shivaratri ,Shravan somvar(monday) and other  festival there is  huge mass of devotee who comes  to take holy bath from around the world.It is mention that any one who bath in bagmati and worship pashupatinath attain Shiva blessing and Boon.One will get freedom from all Sin. So to be pure before darshan of lord pashupatinath devotees bath here.

Bagmati is shiva Ganga  - Lord Sri pashupatinath gave order to Brahma for Creation.Brahma Created whole world,buildings  but he was unknowledgable to create living beings.So after that he went to Mrigendra Shikhar(Bagh Dwar) and did meditation (Tapasya) to happy Shiva. Lord Shankar became happy with Brahma and after appearing lord shiva Chortle very loudly.Ater Chortleing it came few drop of  water from mouth.This small drop of water(jal)  resulted in River form. After Seeing this Lord shiva became very Happy and kept name as Bagmati River or (Shiva-ganga).Shiva gave Different boon to River and  Brahma and became invisible from there.

In Himbawat Khanda Maha puran,Lord Shiva Said “You Originated From front part of my tongue,So your name will be ‘Bagmati’.So you originated from me ,so your name will be ‘Shiva Ganga’.From Trata yug to end of Dwapar yug your name will will remain Shivaganga.You will be respected and worship by all God.In any Festival any one who will bath ritually you and Bath(snan) me your Jal(water),For them i will remove from Suffering World.Saying this much lord shiva became Antardhyanam(Invisible) from there.

After Brahma ji gave boon that “You came out from Shiva Mouth,So world will Say you Bagmati.After Crossing From Human to Kaliyuga 50000 Years old.You will Sit in this Earth 30 thousand years old.After that You will be Safely Swarganga.

So after saying like this to Bagmati , Maha Vishnu Knew  about Bagmati and  came to Bagmati place.Lord Vishnu Became Very happy after Seeing Bagmati and Said – Hey  Bagmati ! You will will worship as Brahma Saraswati in Middle of Treata yug and Dwapar yug.

So Like this Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh gave boon to Bagmati,Wish fullfiller of pure holy world work,Religion Work Moksha welfarer etc.. different boon.So by listening Brahma mouth all god,rishi muni, came here and started doing ritual holy bath here and started getting Siddhi.Big big Sinner also attained liberation.So like this Bagmati became world famous.

About this Lord Shiva Speaks to Brahma and Vishnu –  “Sinner who will not get liberation from other Holy river and Piligrim is attained in Bagmati because my half power is Originated as Bagmati.

Like this it is Mention in ‘Nepal Mahatmya’ 1st Chapter – After originating from my Mouth,its name Remain Bagmati.Any where Human being who bath in Bagmati River attain me,there is no doubt on it.

According to Skanda Puran Himwat khand – Any one who had suffered from diseases and any one whose life is hanged on necked being even big sinner ,those who keep their  both feet in bagmati jal(water),they will attain Shiva place which is attained by different yog sadhana.

Mriga Rup Shiva (deer form shiv) speak to lord Brahma,vishnu.Indra:”My main place Bagmati,any one who bath there will be consider as  Narayan.Any one who is even Big sinner who bath in Bagmati attain Shivaloka after leaving their Body,there is no doubt on it.Afer Crossing Kali 50000 years,Bagmati will be Ganga.

Sri Krishna Bhagwan Said to God “After starting  Kaliyug,Bagmati will be worshipped and Equal as 100 Ganga.

Any human being Who bath in Bagmati river should not take birth in Animal,Birds etc..

According to Varaha Puran – Bagmati River who flows from Big mountain of Himalaya Water is Equal and Pure as Ganga.Any one who bath there will attain Baikuntha loka.Doing Achaman(Ritual Rinse) will attain Heaven and After dying attain shivlok,there is no doubt in it. Great in All River “Bagmati’ ,any one who bath there attain boon of Doing Raj Surya and Ashomegh Yagya.Any one who bath with pure heart and devotion in Bagmati River Should not take birth in Pashu Yoni(animals birth).