Rudraksha Combinations

Powerful  Rudraksha Combinations

There are different types of Rudraksha..  We must wear any type of rudraksha or whatever we get in our life . Because wearing rudraksha in this life is divine blessing of God shiva.. There is no doubt on it…

Many shiva bhakta also wear Rudraksha combinations….  We can wear rudraksha with our own way.. We donot need any astrologer or guru to wear rudraksha.. Because rudraksha is dedicated to god shiva (mahadev). The god of every one.. But if we have helpful guru they can choose best rudraksha for us..  If we want choose our self power combination we can wear any rudraksha or any type of rudraksha because all rudraksha is dedicated to god shiva.. But we should think that many other great hindu god also denote different type of rudraksha. But main fact is that originator of rudraksha is god shiva. All god is presence with god shiva in different types of rudraksha..

- Different types of rudraksha combination Necklace in silver (Total 16 varity/types)

The most powerful combination of rudraksha is “Siddha Rudraksha mala”.  The combination of 1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha + gauri shankar + ganesh rudraksha is done to make this necklace.. This necklace is available  readymade with us which is made in silver or thread. So due to good reason for everything this combination is known as Siddha rudraksha mala where siddha meaning the sucess or great.. These 1 to 14 mukhi + gauri shankar + ganesh rudraksha are different types of all rudraksha.. So this rudraksha is very useful to please god shiva.. After wearing siddha rudraksha mala we should do every day “Om nama shivaya”  Mantra with seperate rudraksha japa Mala. We should 108 times jap every day (chanting shiva mantra).. We gift you jap rudraksha mala for free with siddha rudraksha mala..

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