Gosaikunda lake – Sacred place of God Shiva..

The famous gosaikunda lake is situated in Rasuwa district of Nepal. It is preserved by langtang national park. It is located in 4380 m altitude. In every season The climate in this place is similar as winter. In winter it is sorrounded with snow. This place is also sometime known as half of mount everest due to long trekking and mountainous climate..
The journey to gosaikunda start from kathmandu to dhunche. It takes 2 to 3 hours with vehicles to reach dhunche.. From the dhunche we have to go by walk to gosaikunda because of lack of road. We should walk straight hill more than 12 hours to reach gosaikunda from dhunche. If you want to go with horse. It is available in way after walking 2-3 hours. If we are lucky we will get in dhunche itself.

The sacred gosaikunda lake is important religious shrine both for hindus and buddhist.
The story related to gosaikunda is related to samundra manthan . In samundra manthan when lord shiva swallowed poison. He fell very pain and uncomforatable . So in this place he badly digged his trishul (trident). After digging trishul(trident) badly. The place where trishul was digged is origin of gosaikunda.. This place is extremely holy and godly. This place is adobe place of mother ganga,shiva and gauri.

We can found reference about samundra manthan in Hindu scriptures like Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana, and the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata .Its holy waters are considered of particular significance during Gangadashahara and the sacred thread festival Janai Purnima when thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India visit the area.
Any who bath in gosaikunda will be blessed among human. He is known as sacred devotee of lord shiva. There is no doubt to get kailash (shiva home).