Bhairav Temple – Lord Bhairo Baba


-  There is many names of Lord Bhairav…There is also many temples dedicated to different bhairav through out whole Nepal and India.  Different names and form of God Bhairav is emblem with different form . Bhairava have his different characterstics as well.

The vehicle(bahan) of bhairav-nath is Dog. The main legend behind birth of bhairav is that he is worshipped as god shiva.. So he is one of the major form of Lord shiva..  Bhairav is also terrible and frightful form of Lord shiva.. Lord bhairav grant many boon according to his characterstics. Sometime Bhairav is also worshipped for his different characterstics.

Sometime,Bhairav is also known as Tantric god of Hinduism. Mythology say that God Shiva manifested himself in bhairav form to kill his father in law,Daksha,Just to avenge the death of his wife “Sati devi” which as caused by the latter insulting him.

Some of the famous bhairav temples of nepal are –

1) Ananda bhairav Temple (One who grants pleasure to all god/goddess and for his all devotees). Ananda bhairav temple is situated in gyaneshwor ,Kathmandu,nepal.. The sanskrit Word “Ananda” means pleasure or happiness.

2) Kriti mukh Temple –  He is known as major door way god shiva(pashupatinath).. Before worshipped of god shiva ,kriti mukh bhairav and other major god like ganesh, nandi, and other bhairav must be worshipped.. Kriti mukhi bhairav temple is situated in inside pashupatinath mandir,kathmandu,nepal. God pashupatinath(shiva) Say ” Hey kriti mukh bhairav those who darshan or worship me before your darshan and permission. Their worship to me will be incomplete.

3) Unmatta bhairav – He is also known as one of the chetra pal god shiva (pashupatinath). Before worship of god shiva he is worshipped first..  Large Unmatta bhairav temple is situated in Inside pashupatinath temple of kathmandu,nepal and in panauti ,nepal.. In different great occasion major and great pooja of bhairava takes place in this temple. Unmatta bhairav is also characterstics with his naked body showing his large linga. With his leg he have step demon.  The married couple who worship unmatta bhairav is granted with children as blessing. So he is also known as purifier  god of our sexual disorder. His darshan  or sight evokes a strong sexual desire in man or in women..

4) Akash bhairav – He is one of the major and  famous temple of Nepal. Akash bhairav is also known as Sava Bhakkhu deva by Newars.His face is turned towards the Sky. He is also known as ruled god of  Sky.  It is common belief that any object on which his eyes fall will perish immediately. Akash bhairav temple special worship takes place during the  Indra jatra festival of nepal. In this day both hindu and buddhist worship bhairav.

5) Bagh bhairav temple (Tiger God) –  He is specially worshipped by jyapus (Newar peasants) as well as every hindus of nepal who believe in his power to ensure peace and protection. There is famous temple of bhagbhairav in kirtipur ,nepal. Baghbhairav is also worshipped in Nuwakot village of nepal where bagh bhairav is worshipped together with is wife ,bhairavi. This festival occurs in April each year.

6) Batuk bhairav - The temple of Batuk Bhairav is situated in Lagankhel. The temple houses the image of Bhairav in his child form as Batuk Bhairav is considered to be like.

7) Swet bhairav (Seto bhairav) –  Swet Bhairav, literally meaning ‘the White Bhairav’ is the biggest idol of Bhairav in the world which depicts the most dangerous face of Lord Shiva. It is kept hidden inside a wooden curtain throughout the year, and taken out only during the festival of Indra Jatra. However, a Buddhist priest is said to perform puja everyday behind the curtain.

08) Shanta bhairav  – The sanskrit word Shanta means “Peace”. Shanta Bhairav also known as Majipa Lakhey Dya is enshired in a temple in Kathmandu. As the name suggest, he is the peaceful (Shanta) Bhairav and is considered as the protector of children.

9) Kal bhairav temple –  Kal bhairav is also known as care taker god of Nepal.  King Pratap Malla in 1775 Nepal Sambat brought it from Raniban and established at his courtyard, Hanuman Dhoka. It is 16-feet stone idol, the only of this type.
I am the Kaal Bhairav, the care-taker of Nepal. King Pratap Malla in 1775 Nepal Sambat brought me from Raniban and established at his courtyard, Hanuman Dhoka. My 16-feet stone idol, the only of this type, started breathing life after the famous and powerful tantriks of those days Lamba Karna Bhatta and Bajracharya Guvajus instill life in me. I acted, for a long time in history, as a judge also. Those who lied in front of me would die instantly, but afterwards people were so frightened that they stopped me awakeing through tantrik rituals. They just worshipped me. Now, I am awkeing, as the present situation of Nepal compelled me to. I am the Kaal Bhairav, the care-taker of Nepal. All the anti-Nepali elements will now be wiped out from this beautiful, peaceful and properous country, Nepal. I am awakeing. I am the Kaal Bhairav. I am the care-taker of Nepal.
According to our ancetor, Kal bhairav is also judge of Nepal. In that ancient time if anyone who want to find truth of mistake. They used to bring them in kal bhairav temple. And after doing pooja to kali bhairav some rice grains was given to eat to those who was charged for mistake. If that person who have eaten rice die then he have comited mistake. If he donot die then he have not commited mistake.. So kal bhairav temple is also known as ancient judge god of nepal.

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