brahmayani mata (बर्मा-यनी माता)

Bramhayani Mata (Nepali- ब्रह्मयनी) is one of the main Goddess among Asta matrika (Eight main Hindu Goddess in Nepal). The astamatrika name are Varahi,indrayeni,Rudrani,chamunda, Kumari,brahmayani, Maheshwari, Vaisnavi….

All these matrikas are also Kul devta (ancestors goddess) of different cast people in Nepal.

Regarding brahmayani mata, She is kul devta of nepali Cast “Dulal” etc..

brahmayani temple deupur

Image – Brahmayani temple,deupur

The largest temple of brahmayani mata is situated in Deupur in Kavrepalanchowk district,Nepal. Regarding the origin of Goddess. It is believed that there is a pregnent women in Deupur village. She found a soil is making sound below her bed.  And see clean the soil or land below her bed with axe . And see found a head of goddess… The ancestor also believed that tiger guard outside temple at night.. Tiger is vehicle of Goddess.

The deupur village,kavrepalachowk district,Nepal where brahmayani mata temple is situated is very beautiful place with natural beauty. From the top we can see clear vision of moutain. People here are very friendly and full of hospitality.. The temple can be reached within 2 hours walk or less depend upon walker. There is lack of transportation and Road to reach brahmyani temple or other place in this village….