Some Famous Shiva Temple In Nepal

shiva temple in nepal

Lord Shiva is Known as Creator , Preserver and Destroyer of All Universe. He is known as Powerful among all God. Because he is never afraid of any one in this entire universe. He is also known as Karunamurti (Symbol of love,affection). He have more than 1000 names. He is also known as uma pati or gauri shankar (Husband of mother Uma : ie Parvati/Gauri). He is usually worship in form of Shivling, Statue or photos form. Usually he is worshipped with Bel patra leaves (which is favourite to lord shiva). While chanting mantra,usually Rudraksha Beads Mala is used because rudraksh is favourite to him. He carry Specially Trishul in his hand as well as he carry Damaru. He wear garland of Basuki Snake (King of snake). He wear crown of Half moon (Chandra) so he is known as chandra sekhar or Chandra maule. Once he saved life of All Hindus god by drinking all poison of ocean himself. So by drinking this poison his throat became blue color. So he is also worship by name “Nilkanth”. Lord siva carry sacerd river gange in his forehead. So he is known as Ganga dhar. His  Glory canot be completed within 2 lines. His glory is never completed so we must pray to him and must ask him that Please engage in your worship in every birth.

Lord shiva incarnated himself in various jyotirlinga and mandir. So this temple is highly priority. But we have listed here some famous temple of Lord siva in different place.

1) Shree Pashupatinath – Shree Pashupatinath, God of All Universe, is situated in Kathmandu,Nepal. The temple comes on first position. Temple is also national deity of Nepal. Only hindus are allowed to enter temple. Inside temple camera or mobile phone use is strictly prohibited. The earning of temple is also more than any other temple in Nepal. It is believed that it is most powerful temple of Nepal. It is also most visited temple in nepal. And every nepalese (even from remote village nepal) has visited temple once in Life.  Shree pashupatinath Jyotirlinga have 4 face in four direction (north,east,west,south). These four face is visible to very one. But priest of temple do puja of six face every day. Other two face of pashupatinath are believed to have Ishan and Kalagni Rudra.

2) Shree gokarneshowor Temple – It is also most sacred shiva temple in Nepal. It is also situated in Kathmandu,Nepal. In different festival,like shivaratri,teej temple is filled with lots of devotees. It is powerful shiva temple of nepal but not famous in world due to lack of communication and development.

3) Doleshwor mahadev temple – It is situated in border of kathmandu/ bhaktapur district. It is also famous and powerful shiva temple of nepal.  It is regarded as head part of kedarnath (one among 12 jyotirlinga,situated in india).

4) Galeshwor mahadev temple – It is situated in Mustang district. The temple is named “Galeshwor” because in this place Sati devi  “Gala or throat” was fallen here. So it is one of the shakti peetham of nepal.

5) Kirateshwor mahadev temple – It is truth that there is so many temple only in kathmandu comparing to other district of nepal. The kirateshwor temple is  situated in forest of kirateshwor and mrigasthali in bank of bagmati river (5 minutes from pasupatinath). Though temple is not so much famous but it is powerful and sacred temple of shiva. It is believed that Parvati worshipped here by establishing shivalinga whose shivalinga name became famous as kirateshwor mahadev temple. Shiva hide in this jungle as kirat form and parvati worship him for darshan.

6) Kumbeshwor mahadev Temple – It is also famous shiva temple of nepal . Temple is also crowded usually at saturday (public holiday) and monday . Usually shiva and parvati is worshipped in Monday. Temple is situated in lalitpur district of Nepal. One hour from kathmandu airport/ bus park.

7) Santaneshwor mahadev temple – It is also famous shiva temple of Nepal. It is believed that the person who donot have baby worship here for child. And the one who have baby worship here for prosperity of children and family. Temple is situated in lalitpur district of nepal. One hour from kathmandu aiport/bus park

8)  Uma mahaeshwor temple – Temple is situated in kritipur. The border between kathmandu/lalitpur.  Temple is dedicated to mother uma (parvati) and Shiva (maheshwor).

9) Gupteshwor mahadev temple – The temple is situated inside cave.  Lord shiva hide here without knowing to others. So temple is named as gupteswor mahadev temple. Where Gupta meaning is “Unknown”. It is situated near to pokhara (Tourist area of Nepal). This temple make more beauty to pokhara. Thousand of devotee worship here every day. And in shivaratri and other festival here is so much crowd that to enter temple it takes 3-4 hours.

10) Kailash nath mahadev Statue – It is the Tallest shiva statue of Nepal. Though it is recently made (in less than 20 years from now).  But temple is famous as attraction place to all hindus and non hindus. There is also many picnic spot,hotels under development to make place more famous.

11) Dhaneshwor mahadev temple – Temple is not so much famous but usually on monday and shivaratri too huge crowd takes place at temple. This temple is sacred place of lord shiva but due to development,communication,etc temple names is not so much spread. Temple is situated in Kavrepalanchowk district (2-3 hours drive from kathmandu). It is believed that those who need wealth,they worship here. And those who have more wealth worship to preserve there wealth .

12) Tamreshwor mahadev temple – It is also famous temple of nepal situated in near to shri pashupatinath temple nepal. The temple is named as tamreshwor because temple is made of copper (tama). Usually temple is famous mostly in pashupatinath area but many people from far distance visit here. In sivaratri and monday temple is crowded.

13) Bhimeshwor mahadev temple – Here lord shiva,lord vishnu and bhimsen is worshipped in same god. Respectively,morning,day or evening. This temple is also famous as Dolkha bhimsen or bhimeshwor mahadev temple.Near this temple temple of tripurasundari is located. It is situated in dolakha district of nepal (5 hours from kathmandu). Temple is famous for all nepalese and devotees from india also come here for worship.

 Information here provided is only very less shiva temple names which are famous/ not famous.  And there is incountables shiva temple in nepal (Which records is very hard to found) . If you wish to other 64 shivalinga of nepal Click here