Shravan Month Importance – Lord shiva puja in shravan Somwar

Every year in Hindu Calender , In Month of Shravan (श्रावण ) we can see many crowd in Famous God Shiva Temple of Nepal and India. Many devotees takes strict fasting for god shiva for whole month of shravan (July/August). Whereas some devotee plan to take fasting in every monday of this month. In sorrounding of  pashupatinath Temple of Nepal there is also many volunteer who manage crowd in Temple. There is also free health post,doctor,water,juice facility. The temple of pashupatinath is opened in morning 4 am. We can que and crowd before 4 am in temple. This month is special month for married and unmarried women. Many women sing,dance in sorrounding of Temple. They also say and listen shiva story,bhajan,song in their home.  There will be also all nepalese tv journalist,Media and International Media in sorrounding of Temple as it will beautiful environment in Temple.Pashupatinath temple,kathmandu, Nepal  Although we can see many crowd in god shiva temple in this whole month . But mainly Every Monday of this month we can see 10 times more crowd than other days. Shravan month is also known as Greatest month dedicated to God shiva and Mother parvati. And monday is favourite day of God shiva and mother parvati.  Normally in any month shiva temples is crowded in monday . But in month of shrawan  mainly in sombar(monday) it increase with more than 50 to 90 %  devotee because of importance of shravan month.

Many Devotee make crowd in temple  in Shravan Somwar to offer lord shiva holy water(jal) and milk (pure dudh). The full moon day (Purnima) of shravan month is consider as greatest day of the whole year. Offering water and pure milk to god shiva and worshipping him with full dedications in full moon day of this month full filled all heart wish sucess. Million of devotees attain temple to worship lord shiva every monday of  shravan. The Famous Pashupatinath temple of lord shiva situated in nepal will be crowded with thousand of devotee in this whole month  and specially in Monday(somwar). Similary 12 jyotilinga situated in different state of India, Haleshwar mahadev temple  of Nepal, Amarnath temple of Kashmir India, Gupteshwor mahadev of Nepal will be crowded with thousand and million of shiv devotees(bhaktas).


Shrawan month is considered as the holiest month of the year and each Somvar (Monday) of this month known as Shrawan Somvar is a special day in Shiva temples. Hindu women wear red attire as well as green and yellow bangles, pray for the long and prosperous life for their husbands. And this Hindu month of Shrawan, it is all about henna tattoos, or Mehendi, as it is locally called. There is something very trendy about the beautiful henna tinges, which makes it every female’s favorite. Also, Shrawan is the month believed to bring auspices to mehendi wearers. Shrawan, known also as the month of festivals, according to Hindu belief, is considered the most pious one and it marks the beginning of Hindu festivals including Teej, Dashain and Tihar. Besides its function as a curtain raiser, Shrawan has its own significance as the month is dedicated to lord Shiva One of the Hindu myths associated with this month focuses on the idea of marriage. It is believed that unmarried women who wear henna (mehendi) or green bangles and worship Shiva can have an ideal husband.Shravan Monday Fasting story – Brat Katha. According to One story,Once Sanat Kumar Asked lord Shiva why Shravan Monday is Favourite day.So lord shiva Mahadev tell that When Sati Devi Left her body in her father house with Yog power.Before this Sati devi did Sankalpa that to get Mahadev as husband in every birth.In Another birth Sati devi took birth in Himachal as name Parvathi as Daughter of Queen Menka.Parvati took very struggle Fasting whole month in Shravan Month and made happy mahadev and married him.So from which reason it is Regarded as main Month to lord mahadev.So from this reason unmarried girl take fasting to get good unmarried boy s husband in this month. Shravan somwar story is also related to samundra manthan.. All god and goddess started worshipping lord shiva after he save all god and goddess. He is also known as nilkantha because he swallowed poison so his tongue and throat became blue so he is known as nilkantha. He swallowed poison and saved all god and defeated demon. So in this month all god worship shiva.  

Worship of Lord shiva in Somwar (monday) in shrawan Month.
- We should bath before some visible light appears in morning which mean we should bath before sunrise. We should be pure and we should make our pooja Ghar Clean (worship room).
- Start your morning puja in house. And go to shiva temple to worship god shiva. Before going temple take necessary things which you need like Jal,some fruits,flower, tilak (akshyata) etc..
- If you are fasting on monday or whole month.  If you are fasting you Should not take food in day and night times in fasting time in every monday of Shravan month. We should not take salt and any thing. Before fasting consult your family and pujari(priest) about what to eat and what to not eat in fasting of monday.
 - Lord shiva favourite flower and leaves  names is Belpatra leaves,dhaturo flower,Syoula,Rudraksha leaves. We can buy bel leaves and other flower  in temple if it is not available in your home.
- Rudraksha is also offered to shivalinga while worshipping.Many devotees wear Rudraksha mala and worship lord shiva. Get only original rudraksha. Please email at to buy rudraksha seeds and wearing rudraksha mala of shiva.
- We should consult family who knows clearly about all Vidhi of shravan sombar or can consult priest,pujari of home and temples.Any heart wish question should can asked clearly.

Shravan Sombar special

                                      Lighting Diya (oil light)  and Incenses to lord pashupatinath (kathmandu,nepal)
                      12 jyotirlinga situated in different state of india with name (click on image for full view)
                                                                  Girls showing mehndi(heena) of their hand .
           Women use Mehndi and bangles in shravan sombar as greatest festival and month of  year.
    Specially women worship lord shiva puja and take fasting on shrawan somwar (monday) every year.
                                                                  Picture of shiva puja(worship)
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