Lord shiva

Mahadev- Supreme Hindu God of Godhead.

Om nama shivaya!!!!

Lord Shiva is Reason of Our Life and Dead,Happiness and Unhappiness.Shiva is only originator,preserver,destroyer of whole world.


Shiva is ‘Shakti’ or power, Shiva is the destroyer(संहार कर्ता).He is only the most powerful god of Hindu religion and  god of god(godheads),So he is also worshipped and name as ‘Mahadev’ where Maha means Great and Sanskrit words Dev means God.

He is known by many names.Some of the  name are  Mahankal,Mahapurush,Pashupati,Natrajeshwor,Bhairavnath,Vishwanath,Bholenath.

He is also famous as Hindu Trinity,Worship of Three God together,The Brahma,The Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

The Cult of of lord Shiva is Known as Shaivism,Shaivam or even Shaiva Bhakta.

Lord Shiva is worship mostly as Shivalinga form. Shivalinga is also known as  Linga  or  Shiv-ling  which mean Idol of  God shiva made from stone as cylinder or phallus form. The natural appearance of Lord shiva  as ‘shivalinga’ form is also known as ‘Soyambhu linga’ or ‘Jyotirlinga’.It is said that Soyambhu linga is appearance of lord shiva ownself and Jyotirlinga is also known as Shakti peetha or shiva peeth which mean origin of shivalinga in different place which originated from different organ of satidevi.

Shivalinga or Linga represents the energies necessary for life on both the microcosmic and the macrocosmic levels, that is, the world in which we live and the world which constitutes the whole of the universe.

In a Shiva temple, the ‘Linga’ is placed in the center underneath the spire, where it symbolizes the naval of the earth.

It is said that lord shiva is only  easily pleased with worship as Linga form. According to Ancient Scripts of hindu Religion,Once Duryodhan gave very much trouble to Five pandavas.Five pandavas came to lord Krishna.In that case lord Krishna gave advice to worship Shivalinga to please god shiva.So worship to lord shiva as shivalinga form is very much greater.One can please lord shiva easily.

Shiva ji

Lord shiva as full from, his hair piled high on the top of his head, with a crescent tucked into it and the river Ganges tumbling from his hair.
Around his neck is a coiled serpent representing Kundalini or the spiritual energy within life. He holds a Trident in his left hand in which is bound the “Damroo” (small leather drum).


He sits on a tiger skin and on his right is a water pot.He wears the “Rudraksha” beads and his whole body is smeared with ash.

Shiva is believed to be core of the centrifugal force of the universe, because of his responsibility for death and destruction.
Unlike the godhead Brahma,the creator, or Vishnu, the preserver, Shiva is the dissolving force in life.
But Shiva dissolves in order to create, since death is the medium for rebirth into a New life. So the opposites of life and death and creation and destruction both reside in his character.


The Servant of Lord shiva is Nandi(Bull). He Rides Bull as Vehicle.The wife name of lord shiva is Goddess Parvati. The two son name is Kumar(big son) and Ganesh (small son).

Lord Shiva most powerful form and Temple  is known as Pashupati.Shree pashupatinath is Identical with Rudra,the deity of Vedas.Asutosh Rudra Shiva (Pashupatinath) is known as Deity of whole universe and lord of living beings.

Shree pashupatinath shivalinga have 5 face (pancha mukhi shiva), Lord pashupatinath Four face in four direction name  is Aghor,Bamdev,Sadojat,Tatpurush where as five face name is Ishan who is situated in above all four face in at exact 90 degree.

Complete Details About Pashupati nath temple kathmandu,nepal (Shree pashupatinath mahadev,lord Shiva, Visit here Pashupatinath mahadev.

About Shivaling

shiva lingam is the holy symbol of Lord shiva that is considered quite sacred and worshipped with devotion by the devotees. The sanskrit word li.ngam means symbol, so shiva lingam means symbol of shiva. It is considered the foremost sacred symbol for shaivaites and has been worshiped for ages. The purANas like shiva mahA purANam discuss about the superiority of li.nga worship. (1) (The Indus valley excavation is an example for the presence of this worship in olden times.)

Once the god of creation brahma and the god of protection mahA vishNu entered in an argument on deciding who is greater. When those two great gods were fighting between themselves, the Greatest of all Lord shiva who is formless and transcends everything appeared as a pillar of flame. God told brahma and vishNu that whoever finds the head or the foot of His flame form would be considered greater.

brahma took the form of swan ( ha.msam ) and set out to reach the top of the Fire. vishNu became a wild pig to see the foot of the Fire. Where are the limits for the infinite God ? They could not succeed in spite of their heavy effort. They realized their mistake and the peerless greatness of Lord shiva. The God who can never be reached by ego appears as the form of love to those who surrender to Him. Lord shiva appeared in the form of shiva li.ngam (which is the shape of flame) for their benefit. They worshiped that oldest form of Him and got blessed. The God who came to bless them from the Flame, from the li.ngam is known as li.ngodbhava (2). This incident is depicted in shiva mahA purANam (1) and many other scriptures.

As the God stood as pillar of flame, the natural adornment for the Lord is Holy Ash. (As ash would be found on the surface of the fire). As the God stood as the Luminat Flame that stood up the shiva sahasranAma hails God as Urdva retas and the shiva aShtottara as hiraNya retas. The hymn that starts nidhana pataye namaH, refers to many similarities of Flame and shivalinga.

God is formless, attributeless and omnipresent. This state is called arUpa (formless). For the benefit of the pashus, He took the form of shiva li.ngam which is neither form nor formless but is a symbol. This symbol of Him is called arUparUpam (formless form). He took many forms out of His mercy to bless all, which are called rUpams. (2). shaivam worships the God in all these three states. The oldest form that the formless God took namely the shiva li.ngam is called sadAshiva mUrtam and is worshipped in the altar of His abodes (temples). The forms that He later took which are called mAhEshwara mUrtam are worshipped in the outer circles in a temple.

This shiva li.nga worship is superior because it makes the worship simple because of the form while maintaining the truth that God is not having any definite form. There are a lot more marvelous principles behind the shiva li.nga worship which could be found in detail in standard scriptures.