Tirtha yatra to nepal – Nepal pilgrimage tour

jay baba pashupatinath. hare krishna.


Question 1 – My family & friends plan to visit Nepal & surroundings.We are visiting Nepal as our Pilgrimage tour. Can you give information on list of temple and Time to visit Nepal?

Answer-  Dear Respected sir,Om nama shivaya. Thanku For your message.

There are many Temples in Nepal. Many famous temples is situated in kathmandu city which is capital city of Nepal. As well as many other famous temples is situated Outside kathmandu City. All are Equally important and Interesting. Hope you will enjoy a Lot.

About the climate of Nepal .  All though nepal climate changes every 3 month. Nepal is any time best to travel. All though climate also differ according to places. The best time for you is October to November or February to June. I request you to get knowledge detailly before traveling because your tour depends on you and which region and places you are traveling. So email me at nepalrudraksha1@yahoo.com before traveling to nepal with all details .

The list of place in kathmandu city including Temple are as follows -
1 – Pashupatinath temple (shiva temple),biggest and powerful temple of nepal
2 – Buddhalikantha temple(lord vishnu temple)
3 – Bouddhanath and Soyambhunath(buddha temple)
4 – Guheshwori temple(Sakti peeth,near pashupatinath temple)
5 – Bhaktapur durbar square and museum (ancient museum)
6- Patan,Krishna temple (krishna mandir)
7 – Nagarkot for Sunrise  (sightseen/small trip)
8 – Changu narayan temple (vishnu temple)
9 – Other extra place according to your will and other peoples recommendation/information.
So ,these all place are in kathmandu city. So it takes 2-4 days to visit all this place or even less or more than 2-3 days.So outside kathmandu you can go different place.If you are prepare for more days for example 15 days or 1 month or even more. You can go tour to different place around Nepal.It depends on your mood and touring days.
So some of the name of famous place of Nepal or outside kathmandu are as follows - 
1 – Muktinath temple (It is situated in high altitude and less oxygen place).It is famous temple of Lord vishnu.We can find shaligram shila stone there. It takes normally 3-4 days for going there from vehicle from kathmandu city and three to four days for returning back to kathmandu, Helicopter/airlines also takes there.
 2 – Lumbini – Lumbini is birth place of God Buddha bhagwan,So it takes 2 days from vehicles from kathmandu city.
3 – Pokhara – Pokhara is 1 day vehicle trip from kathmandu city. If you go morning soon from kathmandu city at night you can reach and stay in Good hotel.Pokhara have different famous temple. Wonderful boating and Lake.Different sightseen place. 3-4 hours from Pokhara there is National park. Only by paying to Elephant Riders they will around us jungles for 1 hour or more. We can see different birds and animals there.
4 – There are other different place in Nepal,Many temple,Many excitment places,trekkings,boating. Like Dolakha Bhimsen temple,Kaligandaki boating,himalaya trail . Please let me know touring days to Nepal.
5 – Haleshwar mahadev and gupteshwor mahadev (khotang and pokhara).
Your sincerely
Ankit Dulal
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